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We make robots intelligent​

Many industrial processes are still too complex to be automated

Our technology transforms this problem into an unprecedented Solution


Cutting-edge machine learning and computer vision technology to develop highly intelligent control software.

We transform standard components like industrial robots and cameras into adaptive systems that consciously react to changes in their environment.

We simplify complex manual labour into streamlined automation.

our special expertise

Our expertise in fibre reinforced plastics gives us unpaired know-how in the simulation and processing of technical textiles. We transfer this knowledge towards non-technical textiles like clothing or linen multiplying the application possibilities of our unique technology.

Our FounderS

Alex, Tim and Till became friends during their studies at the Technical University of Munich. After graduating with their  master's degree, sewts was founded  to disrupt the textile industry of today with our founder's unique expertise.

Alexander Bley

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Till Rickert

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Tim Doerks

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