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sewts velum

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Automated feeding of flat laundry onto industrial folding machines

The Struggle

Industrial laundries are highly automated when it comes to washing and drying the textiles. Otherwise they would not be able to cope with the large quantities of dirty linen. There are even machines that take care of folding the laundry. But they have one major drawback: Each one of these machines requires an employee who feeds the laundry spread out and without any wrinkles. Human labor involves high costs, with 30% of the personnel costs in laundries alone being accounted for by equipping folding machines. And there is another problem: Feeding the folding machines manually is a highly exhausting and unpleasant job. Therefore industrial laundries struggle with finding qualified personnel and could double their production if enough workers were available.

 manual feeding of

 folding machines causes

 30% of labor costs 




 Difficult staff

 acquisition due to  unpleasant work task

 Industrial laundries  could double their  production with enough  workers available


How sewts velum helps

sewts velum feeds towels and similar laundry made of terrycloth into existing folding machines, closing this significant gap in automation. Our inhouse developed AI analyzes the textile and translates these findings into robotic commands.

Velum is optimized for adaptability and handles all sorts of towels up to sizes of 1x2m – without restrictions regarding color or texture. Velum's ability to process 900 towels per hour is compatible with the majority of existing folding machines in the market.

Key specs:


towels per hour

1 x 2m

max. towel size

smooth integration

 Velum for your Industrial Laundry 


100% increase in output through  impressive operating speed 


scale your production capacity depending on your seasonal demand

Scale Up

velum runs 3 shifts per day, 

365 days a year


highly reliable system with consistent output quality

Cost reduction

up to 35% reduction of costs compared to manual labor

Easy maintenance

high tech made easy by using standardized components

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